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Formatting Your Manscript for Home Publishing

As I indicated in my first Home-Publishing blog, this second blog will instruct on formatting your book to publish at home. I will do a live demonstrate of the following procedure at the June 9 meeting of the Elkins Writer’s Group.

I use Microsoft Office 2003. The menu may be different on other versions, but they are capable of doing the same thing. Take the time to browse your menus. A little time spent today could be a lot saved when you are in a hurry.
Open a book manuscript – or start a new one using the following setup.
In the file, go to File and then Page Setup.
On the Paper tab, select size – Legal (8-1/2×14).
On the Margins tab, change margins to:
Top 0.6, bottom 0.5, inside 0.7, outside 0.5.
Gutter Position should be Left and Page Orientation should be Portrait.
Click on OK.
Next click on Insert and select Page Numbers. Position should be Top of Page (header). Alignment : Left. Uncheck “show number on first page” and then click on OK
Now go to the Header on page 2. Double click on it and click on right alignment. Type your name. On page 3 do the same, but click on Left Alignment and type the title of your book. Close header and footer tab and click anywhere on the page.
The last thing in the page formatting is to select all the text in the manuscript. Use the shortcut Ctrl A (hold down Ctrl key and press A) Now change the font to 20 point – I use Arial.
At this point you will know your page count.
Save this file as (be sure to use SAVE AS and not SAVE). Name the new file something that indicates it is the home published version. I use Title-4on1 because when I print it, I want it to be 4 pages on one.
I’ll stop here and wait for any questions.  The next lesson will be on formatting the forward. Be sure to come back for that one. There is a reason I do it separately.


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