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Every bead of m…

Every bead of moisture glistened with the glow of gold. From a wheelchair perspective off the front porch, it was a reminder of the first summer of backbreaking work clearing brush and hauling rocks using nothing but a mule and four hands. Neighbors helped cut down the trees and build the barn. Later the kids helped pull the stumps. All were gone now and the field lay idle except for a seasonal cut. At least it provided a decent meadow for the wildlife. Nature has a way of reclaiming her own. Maybe the rainbow was God’s finger, pointing that out.


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18 thoughts on “Every bead of m…

  1. I enjoyed the history you created, the awareness of transience and the simple acceptance. All encapsulated in such a brief piece. Really so impressive.


  2. TheOthers1 on said:

    Nature has a way of reclaiming its own. Too true when man back away, nature will encroach as is right. Very nice.

    My attempt:

  3. Madison Woods on said:

    Such truth in simplicity. Loved this Linda. Thanks for joining us! When we get our local group doing slams at Nightbird books (or whatever venue will have us) will you be joining us there as well?

  4. Nice piece; has the feeling of an old man’s wisdom. “Nature has a way of reclaiming her own” — a great line.

    Brian (

  5. You captured a snapshot of life in a few words, good job. Here’s mine.

  6. So much history in so few words. Finely written with vivid imagery. I’m here:

  7. I like it. Simple, but a great retelling of a long history in a few words. A hard life, and now nothing to do but enjoy the scenery. And remember.

    Here’s my try, if you are so inclined:

  8. Very touching. I hope I have these kinds of flashes when nature is ready to reclaim me too 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by me already.

    This is my effort this week:

  9. My skill with WordPress leaves much to be desired. I was trying to put the picture with the post, but it came up as a different post. ???

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