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Windows of reflection

May 25, 2012 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt

By Linda Louise Rigsbee

The soul is a window

That welcomes a breeze.

Inside is Eureka;

Or does it just tease?


A soul welcomes sunshine,

Yet reflects the outside.

An open promise of

A place to confide.


Yet a soul can contain

A potion of danger

That traps and destroys an

Unwelcome stranger.


A soul can be fickle

Admiring the beauty,

Yet destroy it out of

A sense of duty.


So beware of the soul

That beckons too quickly,

For there lies the trap that

Makes the heart sickly.


Still, consider the soul

That has suffered the most.

A window still open

And nothing to boast.


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11 thoughts on “Windows of reflection

  1. That’s a beautiful poem, Linda.
    I enjoyed the consistent rhyme and rhythm.

    Here’s mine:

  2. Lovely poem. I”m impressed that came to you from a drive through window. Great job! Here’s mine:

    • Thanks. The first thing that came to my mind when I looked at the prompt was – “like a moth to a flame,” which led me to a moth to a window, and then I noticed the reflection in the window. I’ve been told I notice the strangest things in pictures. It must be my strange mind. lol

  3. Hi Linda,
    Loved your poem and especially the way you ended it with a hopeful comment about the relilience of souls.
    My story is here:

  4. A very beautiful poem and imaginative take on the prompt. Mine is here:

  5. I love the line, ” So beware the soul that beckons too quickly.” Lovely poem.
    Here is mine, more fun than lovely.

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