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Eye of the Beholder


Thanks to Douglad McIlroy for the beautiful photo and Madison Woods for her dedication.

I stood transfixed, gazing in awe at the scene before me. In all my visits, this planet never failed to stir me. The morning sun outlined the east side of everything with a pink glow. Like an old man, the mountain slept with its mouth wide open. The white beard of snow resurrected the tale of Rip-Van-Winkle. How long would this mountain sleep? Would it waken in my lifetime?
I continued my journey. I must reach the summit, collect samples and then hike down to the water before dark. There I would meet the ship and return to confinement in my mechanical world.


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9 thoughts on “Eye of the Beholder

  1. I got the crazy idea that these were the thoughts of a robot or drone. Nicely done.

  2. Very well done! Loved the comparison with the old man — never would have thought of that 🙂

  3. Nice take on the photo. You painted a perfect word picture. Wonderful language and imagery. Here’s mine:

  4. Very descriptive & you created great images with your words. I think it’s safe to say your old man simile is a hit, I enjoyed it as well! Here’s my flash for the week:

  5. I see I agree with a lot of comments above, the line “Like an old man, the mountain slept with its mouth wide open,” is wonderful. Here’s mine:

  6. Very visual. I especially enjoyed the image of the mountain as an old man, “mouth wide open.” The mention of Rip Van Winkle rouses a subtle tension in me. That, more than anything else, makes me curious about what will happen next. It seems like some kind of foreshadowing. How will the two fit together? Interesting.

  7. Lovely! I enjoyed the “Like an old man, the mountain slept with its mouth wide open.” Looking at the picture, I totally see it! Good job.

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