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Faucet Rescue

A milky haze turned the distant mountains blue. Moisture? How could there be so much moisture in the air when it was so dry? In the valley below was a small building with a faucet on the outside. He licked dry lips and limped down the hill. It must be at least 105 degrees. He mopped a beaded forehead with his shirt sleeve. The closer he got to the faucet, the thirstier he got. Finally! His fingers closed around the cool brass handle, forcing it to turn. First the grinding of metal against metal and then – nothing. No water!


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14 thoughts on “Faucet Rescue

  1. “I like “A milky haze turned the distant mountains blue”, so typical of early morning heat.

  2. The cruel hand of fate at work. I like!

    Just a note, the sentence “It must be at least 105 degrees.” seems like a tense switch. The rest of the story is in past tense while that sentence is present tense.

  3. I could feel how he must have felt, tasting the water in anticipation only to realize there was no realization of the anticipation. Well crafted story.

  4. the horrors of unrelenting thirst and ultimate disappointment

  5. oh dear, I feel his frustration…

  6. dry…. parched…. vivid….

  7. rochellewisoff on said:

    I feel the heat. Nice job with imagery and feeling.

  8. Given the current heat wave, this is a sadly realistic future (or present) tale.

  9. Wonderful disappointment!

  10. I can feel his disappointment and imagine his thirst!

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