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The Purpose of Life

Summer hangs on – green mingled with gold. Flowers bloom bravely before the frost. Autumn is inevitable for all living things. We are not born to die. We are born to live. We live to sow good seeds. We live to improve the next generation. We live to enrich other loves. Life is a strugle and a promise. If we focus on autumn, life seems pointless. Today we love and accept love. Today we set a good example. Today we compliment everything around us. Today we work to make things better. There is only today, for tomorrow never comes.


The Bus to Nowhere

Friday October 19, 2012 Photo prompt by Ron Pruitt

I wanted to go somewhere – anywhere. I’d been in that stuffy apartment for one solid month waiting on him. He wasn’t coming back. I had to accept that. It was time to move on. I waited at the bus stop for an hour with all the others and finally boarded the bus. I settled in my seat and let out a breath of relief as the bus began to roll. As it passed my apartment, my gaze fixed on a familiar figure limping up the steps. My heart lurched and I shouted. “Stop the bus!”

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