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The Purpose of Life

Summer hangs on – green mingled with gold. Flowers bloom bravely before the frost. Autumn is inevitable for all living things. We are not born to die. We are born to live. We live to sow good seeds. We live to improve the next generation. We live to enrich other loves. Life is a strugle and a promise. If we focus on autumn, life seems pointless. Today we love and accept love. Today we set a good example. Today we compliment everything around us. Today we work to make things better. There is only today, for tomorrow never comes.


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14 thoughts on “The Purpose of Life

  1. Oh wow. I loved this. I must quit complaining about the approaching winter weather. Good job.

  2. a post full of wisdom. May we all live this way.

  3. Thoughtful piece, Linda. (struggle has two “g’s”). thanks.

  4. Dear Linda,

    Your story is why I live in Hawaii. Summer hangs on here.

    Lovely offering for the Friday gang.



  5. A thoughtful piece that reflects the advent of seasonal change. Nice work.

  6. You are right… Born to Live … sometimes we forget that. Nice Piece.

    Here’s mine…

  7. Hi Linda,
    Very philosophic piece about life and death. Autumn does bring forth these kinds of thoughts. I think you meant sow instead of sew. Ron

  8. Lovely. (An “m” escaped from “compliment” in the third to the last sentence. Sneaky thing!)

  9. Food for thought. I spent a pleasant afternoon reading autumnal poetry. This fits right in. Thanks.

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