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Finding Pete

November 1, 2012 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by Ted Strutz

The wind came up suddenly without warning, carrying papers from the information booth throughout the craft fair – and beyond. As crafters scurried to anchor their tents and secure wind panels, customers fled to the shelter of a brick structure.  Across the street, a man opened his door to see what all the commotion was about and a paper sprawled over his face.  He clawed it off, cursing the horde of litterbugs. As he prepared to wad the paper up, the words caught his attention:  ADOPT A PET – and there in color was Pete. He didn’t run off – he was captured!


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31 thoughts on “Finding Pete

  1. Neat! All I can say … neat!

  2. That was a nice story. I felt something good happening for the grouchy guy. Liked the line ‘and there in color was Pete’. Perfect title.

  3. Oh. I hope he gets Pete back. Dang dognappers.

  4. Yea…a charming, good-feeling story. Nice work LInda.

  5. Dear Linda.

    I loved your take on the prompt. Have to wonder whether you meant ‘horde’ instead of ‘hoard’. Spellcheck is not a friend to writers. Good work this week.



  6. as someone who has helped with rescue dogs, I especially liked this one.

    My old roommate had a dog named Pete. She cared for him while we were away at a rugby tournament. She was also dating another boy and every time he came over, Pete would not let him near her.

  7. Nice story!
    A lucky co-incidence! I can imagine the delight of the pet and the owner.

  8. JackieP on said:

    Nice story. I love the ending. 🙂

  9. Gotta love a HEA. Thank goodness Pete has been located. Now to get to him before someone adopts him. You’ll need a prompt to write part two. 😉

  10. Thank for a story with happy ending. Very nice.

  11. What a great lead in to what might be a fantastic story. I like the use of captured. Such a way to make you think of all kinds of scary torturous things to happen to a dog. Thanks.

  12. Bark! Bark! Woof! Woof! Love a story with a happy ending.

  13. I’m a sucker for an animal story, and this hit the spot. Nice one.

  14. Hi Linda,
    A sweet ending to a shaggy dog story! Loved it. The link to my story is messed up. My story is here: http://bridgesareforburning. Ron

  15. Lots of fun. It reminds me of a true story from Provence where one of my s-i-l’s and her husband live. Their Jack Russell was dog-napped by gypsies in a bizarre story and they actually had to ransom her. It was very weird!

  16. That last line is great! They captured Pete! And put him up for adoption! Thanks for sharing.

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