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Nostalgic Christmas

11-30-12 Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

11-30-12 Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

We all climbed out of Dad’s yellow ’57 Buick and gathered on the down-town Ft.Smith sidewalk for our annual Christmas shopping adventure.  Christmas ’62 was a mere two days away and the mood was festive.  We didn’t have TV like most folks and we lived in the “sticks,” but everyone knew the world was in turmoil. With our nuclear test competition with Russia, the civil rights movement and the Cuban Missile Crisis, we needed something cheerful.  The shops were bustling and the colorful Christmas lights put a glow in my heart.  Right now the world was full of love.


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24 thoughts on “Nostalgic Christmas

  1. Hi Linda,
    I’m with you. It’s beautiful fireworks, so how can you not write about romance? Ron

  2. For a short while at least, the world can be cheerful.
    Nice piece!

  3. Scary times. But at least the world knew a little love at Christmastime. Good story.

  4. Dear Linda,

    Some of my worst nightmares were children of the dawn of the nuclear age. You captured the times well. Eternally hoping, continually mucking it up, humans slog on with their superstitions into the future.



    • Those who think the world is going to hell in a handbag right now should read some history, yes? Some of it will make you cringe – like the government policy of getting rid of the western Indian tribes by removing their food source – the bison. Double whammie.

  5. I lived through some of that stuff as a young fellow. But you captured the fact that “hope” continues. Very well done.

  6. Nostalgia indeed.. Have no memories myself from 62. But there have been other times when we can “forgot” the ugliness outside and just be with family and friends during holidays.

  7. Hi Linda,
    I was nine in 1962. I don’t remember the details of the Cuban Missile Crisis but I do remember ads on TV with instructions on how to construct your own fall out shelter. Then there were the “tests” from the Emergency Broadcast System.
    Well done piece of nostalgia.

  8. Great snapshot, Linda; I really enjoyed the journey back in time.

  9. Hi Linda,
    I especially enjoyed the nostagia of your story because I live in Fayetteville. Also, I grew up in Tulsa, and when we would drive to my grandma’s house at Christmas (she lived in the river valley about 70 miles east of FS) we would drive right down broad Garrison Avenue on our way. Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Ron

  10. I like how you juxtaposed the simple, happy Christmas with the big, scary things going on in the world. People, even adults, need time to look at the smaller, happy-making things and Christmas can be the perfect time to do so.

    • Thank you. I really liked yours. I still haven’t figured out how to comment on some of the blogs. Things used to be simpler … lol

      • The mysteries of computers and the internet are infinite…and just when you think you’ve got them figured out, “they” change something. Very annoying! 🙂 Glad you enjoyed my piece. It’s really gotten me in the Christmas spirit!!

  11. Ah, childhood nostalgia!

  12. A nicely written trip down memory lane. Good one.

  13. sometimes “right now” is all that matters, especially to kids. well done.

  14. Just about that time in the year. When love is splashed all over our souls. Beautiful piece here!

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