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A New Beginning (Romance)

fireworks-lora-mitchell2 Friday Fictioneer’s 1-4-13 Photo Prompt “fireworks” by Lora Mitchell.

The screaming whistle ended in a loud boom. The ecstatic faces around her were illuminated with red and yellow from the explosion.
“Chin up, Andie. Put the past behind you. It’s a new year.”
Nate was the sole survivor of the car wreck that killed her fiancé one year ago. It was natural enough for Nate to become infatuated with his nurse, but now she was beginning to reciprocate.
Nate put an arm around her shoulders. “Do you want me to take you home?”
She relaxed against the long warmth of him. “I just want to be with you.”


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22 thoughts on “A New Beginning (Romance)

  1. Dear Linda,

    This story was a quiet encapsulation of mood and moment. Loved the way you put this together.



  2. I had to read a few times to get it… I think I got it. I thought that Nate had been the one who was in another car and caused the wreck at first. Nice story.

  3. Yay for romance. A happy new year for them both, and to you as well.

  4. what’s that called? the florence nightengale effect? well done.

  5. wonder if he has emotional burdens that will hinder him

  6. Dear Linda,
    Beautiful story. Full of pathos and warmth.

  7. Nice little piece. I was a bit confused about the relationships though. Is it just co-incidence that Andie, whose fiance died in the car crash that Nate was in, is also Nate’s nurse?

    I’m here:

    • It was my awkward way of saying her fiance’ died in a wreck with a bunch of friends – one of them Nate, and Andie being a nurse, took care of him. Guess that didn’t work, right?

      • i wasn’t confused. it seemed clear to me, but there have been other things that were clear to others that were not clear to me. it happens.

  8. Good for them! I hope it works.

  9. It’s a tough call to fit a decent romance into 100 words, but your last line gives us that warm fuzzy feeling that says it might all work out for these two.
    Did you mean “his fiancee”?

  10. Nicely done. She’s blown it now, though. 😉

  11. veronicahaunanifitzhugh on said:

    glad to see someone else finally did romance! 🙂

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