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Kudos to Dad – Memoir

Feb 28, 2013 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by Beth Carter

Feb 28, 2013 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by Beth Carter

Dad wasn’t frugal. He was creative. He often said “I’d rather make something than buy it.” He made an eight cylinder engine into four – and then back again when it wouldn’t lug the big Buick around. He made a tractor using parts from a motorcycle and water heater. It had to be parked facing downhill to clutch start, but otherwise it worked. A junkyard was a treasure chest for him. In the end, it came as no surprise that he was buried in the coffin he made. Charles Mecham’s legacy was three creative girls, an octolin he invented, and priceless memories.


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20 thoughts on “Kudos to Dad – Memoir

  1. You wrote it so well, that I almost miss this person!
    Very Good work!

  2. Looks like the creative genes left quite a legacy. Well done.

  3. that’s a worthy legacy. well done.

    here – It had to be parked front facing downhill to clutch start. “facing” means the front, so you don’t need the word front. but it’s optional i suppose. if i’m facing you, we can assume it’s my front that is aimed at you.

  4. Dear Linda,
    The girls are fortunate to have such precious memories of their dad. He’ll live on through them. I enjoyed this piece. Well done.

  5. learned a new word today, octolin. thanks for the story and the new word.

  6. God rest his creative soul!

  7. Yes that was a real good man. Is that what you call self-made?

  8. Kudos to dad, indeed!

  9. Lovely memoir, though, like Ted, I’m wondering what an octolin is.

  10. That sounds like a great tribute. It reminds me a lot of my grandfather, able to build anything he wanted to.

  11. Really nice story – great characterisation.

  12. How wonderful that he was able to do so much!

  13. I like him and what a wonderful legacy.


  14. Not your garden variety everyman. Okay… what’s an octolin? I’m thinking an 8 stringed instrument of some kind. That was a nice legacy.

    I’m wondering if the car should have been parked ‘uphill’ to clutch start?

  15. Loved that..! You made him very real. I would have liked such a man. 😉

  16. I’m in the doctor’s office literally. 😆 😆 I love it. He was even buried in a coffin he made himself.

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