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A Gentleman in Disguise

candlelightThanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this Friday’s photo prompt. I saw that spot on the table and … off my mind went in free flight. Here is my March 29 Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction submission. (Say that 5 times fast.)

He plucked the napkin from the floor and spread it on his lap while she wasn’t looking. His idea of eating by firelight included a campfire, but she wanted a romantic evening out. He played the part of a perfect gentleman, even remembering to wipe his mouth after each bite.
Something tickled the side of his mouth and her face went white. She clutched a napkin to her mouth and ran for the girl’s room.
He flipped the insect to the floor and crushed it. A quick glance assured him other diners had not noticed, so he scarfed down his dinner before she returned.


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11 thoughts on “A Gentleman in Disguise

  1. Dear Linda,
    I certainly chose the wrong time to read this! We’re on our way out to dinner. LOL
    Sounds like the guy’s determined to eat that dinner no matter what. Fun story.
    PS No roaches in that kitchen. 😉

  2. Poor man. Loved this.

  3. haha poor guy, nice try though. ^^ great story
    roaches aren’t so bad.i can take them! as long as they stay away from my food. and i think i’d be totally turned off if the guy i was dating turns out to be afraid of them ^^ great job

  4. Glad I’d already had breakfast before reading this. I’d rather not get that close to nature unless I were starving but bless him for trying so hard!!


  5. We have became quite disconnected with nature… dining with roaches should not be a big issue…

  6. petrujviljoen on said:

    This had me smiling. A rough diamond, the guy. I think this comments on society and its so-called sophistication.

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