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The Stoic – Romance

copyright-managua-gunnIf the eyes were the window to the soul, he had none. Fortunately deeds revealed more than his eyes. He was a kind and thoughtful man – one the neighbors could always depend on. If he knew they made fun of him, he gave no indication.
Why did a woman fall in love with such a man? He said so little – didn’t even smile. He left flowers on her doorstep when her cat died. When she was sick he cooked chicken noodle soup for her. Words weren’t necessary to express love. And yet she wanted to hear those words.

This week’s Friday Fictioneer photo prompt was by Managua Gunn. Thanks to Rochelle Wiseof-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.


The Prom Dress

window-dressing-janet-webbThe prom dress grandma made was beautiful, but it looked like something Cinderella would wear. If Brandon said anything about it, I was going to punch him in the gut. I pushed the sparkling comb into my hair as grandma had instructed. It did look nice.
Grandma was opening the door as I walked down the stairs.
Brandon gaped up at me in surprise.
I was wracking my brain for something that would warn him not to tease me about the dress in front of grandma when he finally found his voice.
“You look like a princess!”

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