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The Prom Dress

window-dressing-janet-webbThe prom dress grandma made was beautiful, but it looked like something Cinderella would wear. If Brandon said anything about it, I was going to punch him in the gut. I pushed the sparkling comb into my hair as grandma had instructed. It did look nice.
Grandma was opening the door as I walked down the stairs.
Brandon gaped up at me in surprise.
I was wracking my brain for something that would warn him not to tease me about the dress in front of grandma when he finally found his voice.
“You look like a princess!”


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13 thoughts on “The Prom Dress

  1. Smart boy, it seems he got the primer book on how to deal with the womenfolk. Forget no child left behind, let’s issue how to manuals to each child before they become teen aged.

  2. we both had prom on the mind…and good thing Brandon said the right thing! ☺ i love your story. ♥

  3. A sweet flash.

  4. Gandma knows best… 🙂

  5. Beautiful story.


  6. Dear Linda,
    Sweet story. You left me wondering what Brandon said when he found his voice. 😉
    PS I deleted your non-working link.

  7. petrujviljoen on said:

    Liked this a lot.

  8. Sweet! Loved it.

  9. Oh, how sweet! I want to look like a princess now. It does remind me of a princess dress!

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