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Piece of Mind

July 19 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by anelephantcant.

July 19 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by anelephantcant.

I only left it there for about 15 minutes, and when I returned, my bicycle was gone. The police acted like I was a doddering old fool. It really bugs me when people act that way. Hey, 64 isn’t too old to be riding a bike, people.
I gave the officer a piece of my mind. After the officer left, I headed back home, certain I’d never see that bike again. I did, though. Anchored to another tree where I’d left it. I sure wish I had kept that piece of my mind.

Death of a Dream

June 12, Friday Fictioneer's Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

June 12, Friday Fictioneer’s Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

The pictures spilled from the envelope, fanning out on the table. Until that moment, I had been successful in holding the memories at bay. Ambrosia Farmstead had been my dream. Dusty country roads, huge white oak trees, the goats, rabbits, chickens – all were gone now. So was any hope of ever having it again. Fate can be cruel.
I tucked the pictures back into the envelope, tears coming to my eyes. A person should treasure every minute of a dream, because regardless of how long it took to build it, all too soon it could die.

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