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Death of a Dream

June 12, Friday Fictioneer's Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

June 12, Friday Fictioneer’s Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

The pictures spilled from the envelope, fanning out on the table. Until that moment, I had been successful in holding the memories at bay. Ambrosia Farmstead had been my dream. Dusty country roads, huge white oak trees, the goats, rabbits, chickens – all were gone now. So was any hope of ever having it again. Fate can be cruel.
I tucked the pictures back into the envelope, tears coming to my eyes. A person should treasure every minute of a dream, because regardless of how long it took to build it, all too soon it could die.


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21 thoughts on “Death of a Dream

  1. Beautifully written and evocative piece.
    Perhaps AnElephant’s favourite of the week.

  2. This can’t be true. It may be based on a true story but it can’t be pure non fiction; if so, what use is it to dream anymore?

    • Thank you for your response. Yes, I lost the farmstead when my husband was disabled. It’s like a child or a husband. The dream dies when they do, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t more dreams to fulfil. You never get over the loss of that dream, but you can find new satisfaction in other dreams. I went on to write – new dreams now.

  3. Lovely story, Linda. I’m sorry it was true, though. I hope there have been other, fulfilled dreams since.


  4. Dear Linda,

    I found myself thinking of my dream to be a writer as I read your story. (A good one, by the way.) Reminded me to stay focused. I second Rochelle’s praise for your out of the box thinking.



  5. Lovely. I had moved forward to the next piece but you made me want to return and re-read.

  6. Very touching story!

  7. Dear Linda,

    Bravo!!!! Applause and kudos to you for not only stepping outside the box but writing a poignant story that touches the depths of the heart.



  8. Ambrosia, eh? It never did work.
    What a bitter-sweet story. Nicely written.

  9. everything passes… sad, bittersweet, enjoy today… Randy

  10. Beautifully done 🙂 love the tie in of how in an instant dreams can die.

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