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Alien Light

April 4, 2014 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt

April 4, 2014 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt

I used the wrong photo for a prompt, so I wrote two flash fiction stories today. Here is the correct one…I think.

I always saw figures in wood grain and fluffy clouds, so it was no surprise when I saw the alien hanging from the ceiling at the studio. It had two glowing eyes, a fluorescent muzzle and strange metal ears. It was angry with me – probably because I kept staring at it.
An elbow jabbed my ribs. “It’s your line.” Sharon whispered.
I only had three words in the play, but darned if I could remember what they were.
She rolled her eyes in exasperation and whispered urgently. “It’s a monster.”
“No, it’s just a light,” I assured her.


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6 thoughts on “Alien Light

  1. Poor woman. Her friend whispered her lines to her and her imagination made her miss the assist. That sounds like something I might do in similar circumstances. Good story and well done. 🙂

  2. This is a fun take. I imagine that would be my lot on stage–having but three words to say and not remembering them.

  3. I find it funny that I didn’t see the light a a monster until I started reading stories or notice the number “18” in the photo. Just one of the things that makes reading everyone’s varied takes interesting.


  4. I love your story – I’m late this week but I love the clueless response to “It’s a monster.” Excellent story – Funny! Nan 🙂

  5. Thanks, Rochelle. It was a pleasant surprise for me to meet fictioneers too!

  6. Dear Linda,

    Good to see you back here. And it was lovely to meet you in person if I haven’t already said so.
    Funny how that light fired the imagination. And it does look like a face, there’s no denying it.

    Good one.



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