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Memorable Evenings

Photo Prompt by D Lovering. April 11, 2014 Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

ImageHer head throbbed as she frowned at the bedraggled streamers.  She must have imbibed too much last night.  She turned to Demetrius.  “What was the occasion?”

“Ah, my love,” he lifted her hand to his lips and responded in a mildly offended tone.  “Surely you have not forgotten.” His handsome face offered no clue to the mystery.
  A storm had awakened her this morning and she had been alone in her room at the time.

He sighed.  “We are engaged.”

She jerked her hand from his.  “I would have remembered…” Her voice faltered when a diamond ring winked from her finger.

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13 thoughts on “Memorable Evenings

  1. Ah,I was immediately transported to “A midsummer night’s dream”-perchance her name is Hermia? 😉 Loved the mystery in here 🙂

  2. That’s called a major memory blackout. She’s got some catching up to do. It could have been worse as it could have been a wedding ring. I hope all turns out for the best. Good story and well written.

  3. A lot to drink, then? Is she an heiress? The diamonds imitation? Great tale.

  4. Dear Linda,

    Could be worse. She could wake to find she’s married to a total stranger. She had to have been pretty drunk (or drugged) to not remember. Nice one.



  5. I guess it was somehow a juste reward… but still being slowly consumed in deamon possesion… tough one..

  6. Very mysterious, Linda. Your title mentions “evenings” in the plural, but this seems like only one. Am I missing something?


  7. At least she’s just engaged, not married. If it’d been Las Vegas things might have been very different! Lovely take on the prompt 🙂

  8. Good job – love the mysterious engagement – and she probably had too many of the ‘spirits’ to remember anything after the storm. Well done! Nan

  9. well, with a ring, something definitely happened, and i’m sure it was more than just jewelry! i hope she’s okay. well done. i’m guessing he’s a little younger than her. what do you think?

    first line, you have “head head.” i assume that’s a goof, but maybe not. never know…

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