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Country Morning Promise

ImageMay 23 Friday Fictioneer Photo Prompt this week is by Erin Leary.


It was a cool spring morning.  The smell of fresh warm milk drifted up from the pail with each squeeze of my hand.  My head rested against the warm belly of the goat while I listened to her munch on grain.  Below the make-shift milk shed, fog drifted around the house.  I was the only one up to enjoy the miracle of a new day being born.

As I made my way down the rocky slope with the pail of milk, the rooster crowed.  Yesterday was the funeral.  Today was the promise.  Life goes on.


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22 thoughts on “Country Morning Promise

  1. Linda, What a lovely common sense way of looking at life. It goes on even though there’s loss. We mourn, then take up our duties. Sorry about the loss of your rooster. Well written. —Susan

  2. The end beat on your story brought everything full circle. Great job!

  3. Dear Linda,

    This was a solid, beautiful, sad, and ultimately, hopeful piece of writing. mark it down because you’ll want to look back at it one day to remind yourself that simplicity is worth its weight in diamonds. And, that you wrote it.



  4. Dear Linda,

    I loved the description of her leaning her head against the goat. There’s so much layered between the lines of this piece. I bask with her in the early morning hush. Brava!



  5. I think it is easier to see that life goes on if we get out in it. You’ve described that beautifully.

  6. Beautiful imagery. We can see and feel your character’s experience perfectly. And you have used just the right balance of joy and poignancy.

  7. I think you captured the way we should approach life. There are times for sorrow and others for joy..

  8. Bitter-sweet vignette. It’s the speaker and the goat now. Life going on!

  9. On occasion (rarely), I see the sunrise after I’ve had my first sip of coffee. It is the best time of day – I agree, I just wish it wasn’t so early in the morning! Good story! Love the goats belly warmth – very good imagery Nan 🙂

  10. Yes, life goes on indeed. Very good!

  11. i could feel the warmth from that goat’s belly from your description, Linda. very, very nice story!

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