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Worst-Laid Plans

January 23 Friday Fictioneer Photo Prompt by Georgia Koch.

In the calm before the storm, Rafe nailed plywood over the house windows. His home was miles inland from the coast but that didn’t matter to a hurricane. Wind was wind, no matter what they called it. He wasn’Georgia Koch FF 1-23t going to stay for another blow. He was heading further inland to visit his brother.

Rafe loaded his clothes and some food into the truck before he hitched the boat behind. He headed out to the highway. Hours later, he was still on the highway – a whole ten miles down the road, in congested traffic. This time he weathered the storm in his truck.


Too Many Signs

“Right there! At the sign! You missed it! How could you miss it?”
“Which sign?” I snarled.
My husband glared at me. “Which sign? You didn’t see that sign?”
I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “There were big signs, little signs, signs on signs…which one was I supposed to be looking at?”
“Pull over. I’ll drive.”
He’d get no argument out of me about that. I hated driving in town. I pulled over and let him drive. He circled around the block and came back to the corner. I wasn’t about to tell him he turned the wrong way.

Photo Prompt by Jean L Hayes

Photo Prompt by Jean L Hayes

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