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The Chain

I had no idea why they put the chain where it was. Obviously it was anchored too far away to keep the door from opening. It’s only purpose appeared to be piquing my curiosity.

I climbed over the chain and paused in front of the door. When I touched it, the door moved. It wasn’t locked!

I held my breath as I cautiously opened one side of the door. Something moved. Too late, I realized the chain wasn’t there to hold anything inside. It was there to keep me out of the room – for my safety.ceayr-purple-door-ff


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15 thoughts on “The Chain

  1. Great suspense story. They should have put up a Keep Out, Danger! sign.

  2. Nothing like a closed door to spark the curiosity, as your story so entertainingly tells.

  3. There are so many possibilities for what lurks behind the door! A great take on the prompt!

  4. Too late to turn back, I guess?

  5. Great build up, and leaves it to our imagination as to what was lurking behind the door. Excellent.

  6. I was thinking exactly the same thing as momtheobscure. 😀 I love it.

  7. Dear Linda,

    This means you did 10,000 things yesterday, right? I’m a little afraid of what the door was keeping in. Well done and so good to see you here.



  8. Well, you know what they say killed the cat. Great story.

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