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Alien Light

April 4, 2014 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt

April 4, 2014 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt

I used the wrong photo for a prompt, so I wrote two flash fiction stories today. Here is the correct one…I think.

I always saw figures in wood grain and fluffy clouds, so it was no surprise when I saw the alien hanging from the ceiling at the studio. It had two glowing eyes, a fluorescent muzzle and strange metal ears. It was angry with me – probably because I kept staring at it.
An elbow jabbed my ribs. “It’s your line.” Sharon whispered.
I only had three words in the play, but darned if I could remember what they were.
She rolled her eyes in exasperation and whispered urgently. “It’s a monster.”
“No, it’s just a light,” I assured her.

Summer Prayer

On August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Three days later, the second atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. A few days later, Japan surrendered and WWII was over.

She paused, pen in hand, enjoying the fragrance of summer blossoms. Memories forced themselves on her. The wedding; the births and the christenings – summers at the beach house and Christmas caroling in the city. It had been a good life, and it would be again – when he returned. She breathed a heavy sigh. Would this war ever end? She gazed down at the letter, silently praying that he would come back alive. Finally she signed and dated it – August 5, 1945. She folded it and placed a kiss on it before sliding it into the envelope.FF-4-4-14

A Dog’s Day

Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt for January 3, by Rochelle Wisoff-fields

Friday Fictioneers Photo Prompt for January 3, by Rochelle Wisoff-fields

Being a dog, it is naturally assumed I can’t climb a tree. Ha! Little do they know. You can do anything you set your mind to – even if you’re just a dog. All you really need is motivation. I’ve seen the cat do it many times and I thought, hey, why not me? So, I chased the cat right up that tree. It wasn’t as easy as it looked. So, here I am, up in the tree. I’m thinking this might not have been my best inspiration. I’m sure I’ll get down…somehow. Maybe if I do my pitiful whine…



Piece of Mind

July 19 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by anelephantcant.

July 19 Friday Fictioneer photo prompt by anelephantcant.

I only left it there for about 15 minutes, and when I returned, my bicycle was gone. The police acted like I was a doddering old fool. It really bugs me when people act that way. Hey, 64 isn’t too old to be riding a bike, people.
I gave the officer a piece of my mind. After the officer left, I headed back home, certain I’d never see that bike again. I did, though. Anchored to another tree where I’d left it. I sure wish I had kept that piece of my mind.

Death of a Dream

June 12, Friday Fictioneer's Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

June 12, Friday Fictioneer’s Photo Prompt Randy Mazie

The pictures spilled from the envelope, fanning out on the table. Until that moment, I had been successful in holding the memories at bay. Ambrosia Farmstead had been my dream. Dusty country roads, huge white oak trees, the goats, rabbits, chickens – all were gone now. So was any hope of ever having it again. Fate can be cruel.
I tucked the pictures back into the envelope, tears coming to my eyes. A person should treasure every minute of a dream, because regardless of how long it took to build it, all too soon it could die.

The Stoic – Romance

copyright-managua-gunnIf the eyes were the window to the soul, he had none. Fortunately deeds revealed more than his eyes. He was a kind and thoughtful man – one the neighbors could always depend on. If he knew they made fun of him, he gave no indication.
Why did a woman fall in love with such a man? He said so little – didn’t even smile. He left flowers on her doorstep when her cat died. When she was sick he cooked chicken noodle soup for her. Words weren’t necessary to express love. And yet she wanted to hear those words.

This week’s Friday Fictioneer photo prompt was by Managua Gunn. Thanks to Rochelle Wiseof-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.

The Prom Dress

window-dressing-janet-webbThe prom dress grandma made was beautiful, but it looked like something Cinderella would wear. If Brandon said anything about it, I was going to punch him in the gut. I pushed the sparkling comb into my hair as grandma had instructed. It did look nice.
Grandma was opening the door as I walked down the stairs.
Brandon gaped up at me in surprise.
I was wracking my brain for something that would warn him not to tease me about the dress in front of grandma when he finally found his voice.
“You look like a princess!”

A Gentleman in Disguise

candlelightThanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this Friday’s photo prompt. I saw that spot on the table and … off my mind went in free flight. Here is my March 29 Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction submission. (Say that 5 times fast.)

He plucked the napkin from the floor and spread it on his lap while she wasn’t looking. His idea of eating by firelight included a campfire, but she wanted a romantic evening out. He played the part of a perfect gentleman, even remembering to wipe his mouth after each bite.
Something tickled the side of his mouth and her face went white. She clutched a napkin to her mouth and ran for the girl’s room.
He flipped the insect to the floor and crushed it. A quick glance assured him other diners had not noticed, so he scarfed down his dinner before she returned.

New Avatar Supports Traditional Marriage

New Avatar

New Avatar

As a US citizen, I believe that I not only have the right, but the obligation to stand up and be counted rather than hide behind a politically correct fa├žade. For this reason, I chose to change my avatar, at least for a while, to this symbol of marriage. This blog is not intended to invite criticism or arguments. It is merely my equal right to come out of the closet.

This is one of the new Avatars representing traditional marriage – between a man and a woman. That concept pre-dates Christ by thousands of years. Marriage has been identified for millennia as a union between a woman and a man. Displaying this avatar represents my belief that the definition of the word marriage should not be changed.

Personally, I feel that if gays want to get “married” they should create a name for a union between same sex couples. As a writer, I work with words. Every time an old established word is twisted into a new meaning, it can change the context of that scene – possibly even the entire story. Rather than changing the meaning of an old word, we should change the wording of the laws that discriminate.

We have a nasty history of using a word in the wrong context, inadvertently turning it into something it is not. One example is the word retarded. Anyone who works on cars knows that if you retard the timing, you slow it down. People ignorant to the meaning of retarded began using it to describe a person incapable of taking care of themselves. Of course, mentally retarded people can be extremely handicapped or mildly handicapped. Because the word was so misused and gained a negative connotation, a new term was coined. It is now politically correct to call it “developmentally challenged.” Since this change, using the “R” word is considered to be in poor taste and insulting. There are other words, such as Negro, which was changed to Black, or Afro-American. Changing the words doesn’t change the situation. It puts a temporary Band-Aid on the problem. It isn’t a solution. It is merely used to placate. I find that insulting.

But there is another reason for this avatar, and that is to assure like-minded people that they are not alone. Often people are attacked if their belief doesn’t conform to that of others. So to me, this icon is like the US flag. It represents freedom – freedom of speech and expression, among other things. There are two sides to every issue, and this happens to be mine. Feel free to use this avatar if it is yours as well.

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